The Just Tiles showroom is located in Woodley which is located a few miles east of Reading.

Click here for the address and a map to the showroom.

Yes we do have a fixing guide. Here is a link to the guide: The Fixing Guide

British Standard BS5385 is the code of practise for fixing wall & floor tiles. When planning the tiling in your shower, it is essential to tile onto an already water resistant background.

Undertile heating can go under most types of tile as long as the tile is of flooring grade.

To be certain this is best left to a professional tiler, who can be on the spot and so foresee any particular problems. However we do have an online calculator .We can give you an approximation if you have the measurements required.

Yes, providing that the existing tiling is firmly bonded to the existing background. You will have to clean the existing tiling thoroughly and degrease them before fixing the new tiles. Some cases a primer will be required please call for advice.

Wall tiles are not suitable for use on the floor; The glaze is different and not suitable for the floor. However, a floor tile is manufactured for use on a floor & is more than adequate for use on the wall. Check hanging weights of appropiate backgrounds.

We can Deliver anywhere within Mainland UK & Ireland. We deliver locally from our showroom by our own transport. If the required delivery is outside our local area we will use a kerbside  courier company.

Local deliveries are dependant on what days are available but we will try and accommodate you the best we can. Carrier Deliveries: Standard is up to 72 hours or there is also a next day service. Prices for this are depending on location.

Ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles are available plain or decorated and can be used on walls & floors.

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles, but with a very low absorbency. They are usually made from Kaolin clays, Feldspar, Silica and colouring oxides, and are fired at about 1200 degrees. Porcelain tiles are hard wearing and can be used on walls & floors.

Mosaics are very small tiles, usually on mesh sheets. Mosaics can be glazed or unglazed and are made from Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass or Natural Stone.

Natural stone products; Limestone, Marble, Granite and Slate are quarried from the earth. Some are extremely hard and some quite soft. Most will need sealing.

Terracotta tiles are made from local clays. Terracotta means "Cooked Earth" and these products tend to be very absorbant, so need sealing when used on the floor.

We can supply small 10cm x 10cm samples free of charge by post, just click the request tile sample box and fill in the required fields. Shop customers can purchase whole single tiles on a sale or return basis.

We have a list of recommended Tilers and Plumbers who work independently and we are happy to pass their details onto you. However, your agreement or contract is with them alone.

The sizes that are stated are the sizes that are manufactured to, they are nominal sizes, meanung that due to the manufacturing process and nature of ceramic tiles, the exact sizes cannot be manufactured consistently and that batches of the same tile can vary in size as much as 2mm, which is within the allowable tolerance.

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